About Us

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 As a Board Certified Coach, speaker and workshop leader, I am passionate and committed to helping my clients achieve their career goals. I believe it is possible to find joy and satisfaction in life and at work – but only if you are willing to move past your fears and take charge of your career path.

After spending almost a decade searching for a career that would speak to whoI am, I decided to become a certified career coach in 2010. I wanted to help others so they wouldn’t have to feel stuck, unsatisfied, and unfulfilled about their careers like I did. Despite pursuing my education, I never imagined that finding my true career purpose and calling in life would be so difficult. I simply could not answer that question “what do I want to be when I grew up.”

Fortunately, my confusion began to slowly disappear when I started teaching college students more than nine years ago. Since then, I have taught over 3,500 students from all walks of life who all had the same things in common; to earn their education, find the job of their dreams, and provide a good life for themselves and those they love.

But when I began noticing that some of my students were unsure, and at times, unhappy about the college majors they chose, I knew I needed to do something. As a result, I found myself indirectly providing career mentorship and guidance through discussions, assignments, and exercises using the study of human communication as a platform.  I did not want them to end up going through what I went through, or end up feeling frustrated, anxious, and trapped in unsatisfying, unrewarding career.

Career Choice Coaching was founded with the sole purpose of challenging people not to settle or give up on finding their true career purpose; even if it takes a lifetime to pursue. Although it took me many years to get to this point, I now know what it feels like to actually be passionate, satisfied and happy about the work I do. I want you to have this same experience and would love to partner with you to help you achieve your career goals and find your own answers.

When I am not teaching or coaching, I enjoy yoga, meditation, exercising, writing, and spending quality time with my loving husband and teenage daughter.


“You never know when a moment and a few sincere words can have an impact on a life”
– Zig Ziglar